News about GEAR seniors - update 7th January 2004

Wim Bekkers runs NICAM - the organization to categorize videos, games, films, TV etc.
He is very busy and very successful also on the European level. 

Peter Diem is still active as online researcher at FESSEl-GfK in Vienna -
He has published a book on the history of the 23 districts of Vienna, their personages and arms.
His first book on the "Symbols of Austria" is on the market again: an identical reprint is available for just Euro 14.95 - see  

Peter Menneer has married, his wife's name is Valorie - she is the breadwinner while 
Peter has decided to retire fully (?)

Erik Nordahl Svendsen runs the Danish Media Secretariat
and has written a report about his new job

Bob Towler gets a Website of his own soon - has he got it yet?

Heikki Kasari has joined GEARplus as a "junior senior" because he has been put on part-time work, has lost his executive function in YLE and is an ex-chairman of GEAR.

Tony Fahy likes GEARplus very much, but takes his time to submit his c.v. He spent his spring vacation in Crete. 

Sasha Sharikov has joined our platform - his correct e-mail is: asharikov <at>

Lina Trochalitu writes in a mail  that she had to leave ERT                            

Michal Caspi has retired but works as a consultant for the IBA JIC in Jerusalem 

José Ramón Rubio has also joined GEAR+  as a "junior senior" - he is still in office, but already very wise - even without a grey beard. Look at his curriculum! 

The NZZ reported on 28th June that there are plans to privatize the Swiss  TV Research Dept. 
Matthias Steinmann is said to be due for pension in mid 2004. His successor will be Mr. Dähler.

Michael Type has done an awful lot of travelling with Pammi to see his children etc. 


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