Type, Michael 

Domaine du Châtaignier

Chemin de la Petite-Voie 1C

CH-1297 Genthod
+41 (0)22 7762418
+41 (0) 79 8217340 (M)
type <at> bluewin.ch
Partner: Pammi

Born: January 30, 1932

At the left: Michael at the "Euromedia" (ORF/Vienna, 1995)

On April 9th, 2017 Michael wrote:

Dear Peter,


My address has changed and is now as follows:


Domaine du Châtaignier

Chemin de la Petite-Voie 1C




The phone number is still +41 (0)22 7762418 and the mobile (when I remember to carry it) is +41 (0) 79 8217340.


We moved in April two years ago. With the children living in Denmark and the United States, our lovely home in Founex had become too big for our everyday needs, even with friends visiting, so we decided to sell. To our amazement, it went in five days to a delightful Swiss couple with two very young children. Les Chapelles is, as you know, an ideal family house. Our new home is a totally new apartment in what was part of the 10,500 m2 garden of Mme Carmen Bin Laden, the divorced wife of one of the family. We have a wonderful view of Mont Blanc and the Lake of Geneva. There are only nine apartments in three blocks of three with each apartment occupying a complete floor. The complex has a heated indoor swimming pool, sauna and hamam as well underground parking with nine lock-up garages and storage rooms. We have four double bedrooms and three bathrooms, plus a large open plan living area. The big problem with the move was what furniture to keep and what to dispose of. Much of our stuff is still in storage until we are certain which items look best in the new home.


Pammi and I still play golf and she has become a very good player. We are also travelling a lot. Activities that keep me occupied are the British Residents’ Association of Switzerland, of which I edit the quarterly magazine, the Royal British Legion Swiss Branch, and the British-Swiss Chamber of Commerce. Healthwise, we are both in good form although I seem to like falling off of ladders and need physiotherapy from time to time.

On Nov. 12th, 2007 Michael wrote:

Dear Peter,

How good to hear from you. I find it difficult to believe that nearly 11 years have passed since I retired from the EBU and the enjoyable task of being Secretary to various bodies in the audience research field, including GEAR. I often think of all the good friends I made in those days and hope they are all well and happy.

You asked for some personal news. Healthwise, touch wood, I am in good form and enjoy playing golf reasonably regularly. My two children, Nicholas and Christina are now both married and have two children each - a boy and a girl in Connecticut, USA, and two boys in Denmark. They are all splendid and a source of great joy. My wife Pammi is still working at the International Telecommunication Union but retires in 27 months time at the age of 60. She too is a keen golfer and we look forward to having more time to play together.

In terms of keeping the little grey cells occupied, I became President of the English language radion station, WRG-FM, in Geneva and am now President of Honour, having retired from that 4 years ago. I also retired last year from being Chairman of the Royal British Legion Swiss Branch after 10 years and am now Honorary Vice-President. We raise funds for wounded British service personnel and widows and orphans and during my time, we collected half a million Swiss francs. I am now on the Council of the British Residents' Association of Switzerland. I also write articles for various publications and have organized and compered a number of musical concerts at Geneva's Victoria Hall in aid of charities. The time just flies by and as long as I keep fit, I'll keep myself involved with various activities.

It would be nice hear how old friends are doing. You should all know that there will always be a welcome here if you get to Geneva. In the meantime, with Christmas approaching (we'll be in Connecticut) and another year ahead, I wish you all warmest greetings and good health.



Michael Type

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