Sharikov, Alexander

Spouse Galina Sharikova


In September 2011 Alexander writes:

Dear Peter, Dear Michael, dear former GEAR and EBU SIS Statistical Group members,

Really, our contacts and our friendship have a rather long history. I remember well all GEAR meetings I participated since 1996, some Statistical Group meetings since 1996 as well and in the end 1990s some Reference Group meetings. I remember well, Peter, your visits in Moscow, your brilliant presentations, and our warm communication. I remember my last visit in Geneva in April, 1999 when Michael and Pammi invited me to celebrate my birthday in the golf club on the board of the lac. It was very-very nice!

I am younger than all of you and I still work at the VGTRK (former RTR) company in Radio Dpt. I continue to be GEAR member. I work also at the Moscow Higher School of Economics as professor with students preparing their master work. Thanks for Graham Mytton he wrote an excellant book on audience research which I use in my course and I reccomend it for students.

Last year me and Olga Ermolaeva were co-authors of the Annual Report-2010 on Radio Broadcasting in the Russian Federation for the Rospechat (governmental body responsible for Russian media industry). This year we will do the Annual Report on Radio Broadcasting-2011.
My family is well. My wife Galina works (she teaches French in universitty). My son Pavel defended his PhD and now he works as senior researcher in the Russian Academy of Science. My cat Mackintosh (British cat) is 16 years old but this animal is still active. We love him.

Thank you, Peter, for this opportunity to contact my good colleagues and to find in memory some worm impressions.
Thank you, Michael for your hospitality and kind regards for Pammi.

Good luck, everybody!

Dr. Alexander Sharikov