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Graham in Bratislava Jan. 2007

December 7th, 2007:

Thanks Peter. I will therefore update the entry. It should now read asfollows:

Graham is still very actively involved in audience, market and opinion research. He works from home, doing consultancies, running
research projects and audience and market research training courses in many parts of the world. 

Present and recent projects and activities include the following: 

Providing audience and market research advice and analysis for VT Communications, a major international broadcasting and communications delivery company

Member of the Board of Directors of Intermedia, the non-profit research agency that has the audience research contract for all US government funded international broadcasting.

Setting up, designing and supervising the first ever national media use survey in East Timor for the national broadcaster, RTTL, and the Swiss media development agency, Fondation Hirondelle.

Doing the same for Fondation Hirondelle and the UN sponsored radio station, Miraya FM, in South Sudan, this being the first ever media use survey in that region.

Teaching audience and market research methods to university students in the Divine Word University in Madang, Papua New Guinea. 

Working on a BBC World Service history project with colleagues and scholars at the Open University.

Supervising PhD student at the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies.

Assisting with the production of a media facts book for the Commonwealth Broadcasting Association.

Marketing and market research for a project in Nigeria promoting better local government, using radio and other communications media.

Research, both qualitative and quantitative for the Gates Foundation and the Centre for Innovation Against Malaria in the Gambia. This has involved the first ever national media use survey as well as extensive qualitative research into media use and attitudes towards malaria and its prevention.

Graham has produced a revised edition of the

BBC World Service/UNICEF/UNESCO Handbook on Radio and TV Audience Research. 

This has recently also been published in French, Slovak and some other languages. 
The English and French versions are available by post and prices are as follows: 

English edition, including postage and packing in Europe 30 Euros or equivalent 
French edition, including postage and packing in Europe 40 Euros or equivalent

That is all I think! It is good to hear from you! Many thanks for this interesting grey beards project!

By the way, I was guest of TNS Slovakia this year when a Slovak edition of my book was published. It was translated by Ivan Králik who was previously in charge of audience research at the state/public radio in Bratislava. It was very good to meet Darina Kyselova again. 

With Greetings from Janet and me