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Oh, Peter, I feel like a star on the red carpet (with butterflies in my stomach)
Dear Peter and my great teachers from the research nursery of my own - Peter M., Graham, Wim, Eric, Heikki, Michael, and dear colleagues whom I did or did not meet during my exciting 3 years in Gear (1993-1996)! Yes, after my great experience on my way through commercial Slovak little magic world (advertising ag., commercial TV JOJ and TV Markíza), instead of sweet retirement keeping my hobbies, I am going to make a try to continue (and hope to end) my research ambition in the public STV.Meeting Peter Diem and Graham in Bratislava last month was a lovely beginning of my come back. During years I was sentimental remembering the people under lemon tree and Michael´s winearchive, all the people I admire!

I´ll start with STV from the 1st of April, now I am going to relax and clean my brain - hoping in the French Alps in the 3500m height would be enough.

Dear Peter!
I´m  not sure, if my last e-mail from STV  reached you, I´d like to say hallo to you from Markíza again.
STV have not been friendly to "audience figures" , so I am back on the place, were right interest in the research is living enaugh. Sorry for break a long in contact, I am sure, that Zips is waiting for us...
  Sincerely yours 
Darina Kyselová

On 18th September, 2011 Darina wrote:

Dear Peter, Dear Michael, Dear  GEAR members  in 1993-1995 and Dear Alexander! 

I am not so sure what my place is among you, but my birth year was during Michael´s mission in Suez (!). I dont know Alexander from Russsia  personally, ( by 1995 I had only met Andrej, we spent an adventure journey from Capri to Rome airoport together) but I echo his unforgettable experiences with Peter Diem, Graham Mytton in Bratislava,  and you, Michael,  thank you also for your great cup of caffe at you daughters place in Copenhagen! 

Thanks to the fact, that you have been around longer I had the honor of having you as my mentors.  Even all this time I still profit from our times together. Now would be the time for me to become a mentor to others as your where to me, but that time has not come yet. Meanwhile I am still working for corporate CME in TV Markíza. But I have not lost my dream of returning to public TV. 

I have not cats or dogs (nor children) but another well known homo sapiens  - a man named Štefan in our 25-y relationship. Othervise my  things at work are exciting and fullfilling, we are currently „playing“ with various qualitative methods (also the bulletin boards from Peter Diem.) Seeing all of your activities make me look forward to my retirement, making my hobbies and have a rest in GreeceJ.

With love