Oh, Peter, I feel like a star on the red carpet (with butterflies in my stomach)

Dear Peter and my great teachers from the research nursery of my own - Peter M., Graham, Wim, Eric, Heikki, Michael, and dear colleagues whom I did or did not meet during my exciting 3 years in Gear (1993-1996)!

Yes, after my great experience on my way through commercial Slovak little magic world (advertising ag., commercial TV JOJ and TV Markíza), instead of sweet retirement keeping my hobbies, I am going to make a try to continue (and hope to end) my research ambition in the public STV.

Meeting Peter Diem and Graham in Bratislava last month was a lovely beginning of my come back. During years I was sentimental remembering the people under lemon tree and Michael´s winearchive, all the people I admire!

I´ll start with STV from the 1st of April, now I am going to relax and clean my brain - hoping in the French Alps in the 3500m height would be enough.

Dear Peter!
I´m  not sure, if my last e-mail from STV  reached you, I´d like to say hallo to you from Markíza again.
STV have not been friendly to "audience figures" , so I am back on the place, were right interest in the research is living enaugh. Sorry for break a long in contact, I am sure, that Zips is waiting for us...

Sincerely yours

Darina Kyselová