From: Hansjörg Bessler
26. July, 2018

Hi, old boys, in “GEARplus”.

 It is true, Besslers are still alive. Many thanks for your warm welcome in “GEARplus”.I know, it was very hard to find us, because of these strange circumstances: we moved once!

We lived since 1973 in Stuttgart, Rosmarinweg No. 31, West-Germany, old house with huge garden (Peter M. knows).But in  2013, after some construction and other work, we finaly moved - to the other side of the street, to Stuttgart, Rosmarinweg No. 32, Germany, renewed house with little garden.Here we stay.

Next station will be cementary in Nürnberg, where we met for the first time.

Please take care in mailings to use the right number of our new place (No. 32), because our daily changing postmen will not be able to manage it. Mail to No 31 will go directly back to sending address with huge post-printing in front “unknown moved”!

If I`m still walking and being 80+ next May, I will travel to England even after Brexit, to see all of you.

 Yours Hansjoerg and Co